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Services, Prices And Service Descriptions

Basic virus removal - $100

Advanced virus removal - $140

PC Part replacement/install - $50/system + price of part('s)

Laptop Part replacement/install - $70/system + price of part('s)

Software install - $40/computer + price of software

Logo designing - $150+

Pamphlet designing - $70

Business card designing - $50+

Desktop building - $70 + price of parts

Poster/flier designing - $70+

PC diagnostic - $40

Phone Software Repair - $50

Game Console Part replacement/install - $50/part + price of part.

Letter Head Design - $70+

Full PC Dirt removal - $30

Laptop Dirt Removal - $50

Network Repair - $100 + price of parts

Phone Call Tech Support - $50/hour

PC Systems Repair - $100

Hard Drive Repair - $100

Full PC Servicing (Advanced Virus Removal, Dirt Removal and PC Systems Repair) - $300

Removal of basic viruses, adware and the most common kind.

Removal of those Pesky viruses that can steal all your information at once such as bank information, also removal of rootkits which are viruses that burrow deep into the system files and allow more viruses in.

As name describes it is the replacement or installation of a new part for the Desktop PC.

As name describes it is the replacement or installation of a new part for a Laptop.

Installation of purchased software onto a computer for active or passive use, such as an anti-virus or a game.

Design of a custom Logo just for you whether it be Business or Personal. Price starts at $150 and may go higher based on difficulty level of the Logo.

Custom creation of a Pamphlet just for you, such as a wedding brochure or business presentation Pamphlet. (Allen's Quick Fix does not print Pamphlets for you.)

Custom Business cards designed how you want them. Images are designed exactly as request for your personal records to print whenever you want. (Allen's Quick Fix does not print Business Cards for you.)

Ever wanted your own desktop built how you want it? We do just that for you.

Get a custom Poster or Flier designed for you how you want it not how the online generator lets you. (Allen's Quick Fix can only print standard 8.5x11 for you.)

Learn exactly what's wrong with your computer and what needs to be done to fix it.

Phone acting up, kind of slow, restarts for no reason, or has the blue screen of death? That's why I'm here.

Ps3 Disc Drive not loading? Xbox 360 has the red ring of death? Just call me.

Need a Letter Head for yourself or your business? Get it designed exactly as you want through me.

Clean all that dust and dirt out of your desktop for a nice low price.

Clean all that dust and dirt out of your laptop for a nice low price.

Router not working right? Ethernet cables not connected properly? Just a quick call away from problem solved.

Tech support over the phone. (Invoice will be sent prior to the phone support beginning. New Invoice will be sent at start of each hour.)

Fix all those registry errors and corrupt files, clean out clutter, make your computer faster.

Fix the unstable or damaged hard drive memory.

Get all your viruses removed, dirt cleaned out of your computer, and even your system files revitalized.